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Exchanging data with Other Programs

ProCite to PAPYRUS

The general procedure is (1) have ProCite export your references to a text file, and then (2) have PAPYRUS import the references from that text file.

ProCite is able to export references in many styles. One style that is built into some versions of ProCite is named RIS. If your version of ProCite does include RIS as a built-in export option, then here are your instructions for transferring from ProCite to PAPYRUS:

You should be able to figure out how to get ProCite to output all of your references to a text file in the RIS style -- refer to your ProCite documentation for details.

Once you have created this file of references, the next step is to teach PAPYRUS the necessary PAPYRUS import format for reading the file. This format is named RIS 8, and it is provided in a PAPYRUS Format Library named RIS.FLB. Click here to download this file, putting it into your PAPYRUS program directory. Usually this directory is C:\PAP.

(Note: some browsers will change the file name to RIS.EXE while downloading. If this happens to you, change the name back to RIS.FLB before trying to use the file.)

Next, follow the instructions found in Chapter 9 of our Workbook to open the RIS.FLB library and then copy the RIS 8 format from the library to your personal PAPYRUS database.

Once your PAPYRUS database has thus been taught the RIS 8 format, go to the main menu in PAPYRUS and choose iMport. PAPYRUS will ask you for the name of the text file containing your references from Reference Manager. Next it will ask which import format to use -- answer RIS 8. Then it will ask which "Fussiness Level" to use; you should stick to the suggested Tolerant. From there on the questions should be self-explanatory.

If your version of ProCite does not include RIS as a built-in export option, then you should instead follow the instructions in the PAPYRUS Concepts/Reference manual, page 228.

For a new PAPYRUS user some of these steps may be a little confusing. Feel free to contact our Technical Support Department for assistance.

1 January 2004