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Click here if you haven't already read our brochure describing PAPYRUS.
Download the Program:

Papyrus Installer (1.2 Mb)

After downloading the Installer, you must follow these installation instructions for Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP.

PAPYRUS comes with two manuals. You definitely want to download the Workbook, and if you wish to fully explore PAPYRUS you will eventually need the Concepts/Reference manual:

Workbook (775 Kb)

The Workbook includes a tutorial to get you started with PAPYRUS, as well as task-oriented chapters covering all aspects of using the program.

Concepts/Reference (1 Mb)

The Concepts section explains the fundamental principles used by PAPYRUS, while the Reference chapters provide a detailed review of every PAPYRUS feature.

The manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format, so you will need a copy of the Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have a copy, Adobe provides the Reader free of charge here.

In the United Kingdom, these should download more quickly:
Papyrus Installer

1 January 2004