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Exchanging data with Other Programs

PAPYRUS to ProCite

First, click here to download RISOUT.FLB. This is a PAPYRUS Format Library.

(Note: some browsers will change the file name to RISOUT.EXE while downloading. If this happens to you, change the name back to RISOUT.FLB before trying to use the file.)

Put the RISOUT.FLB file into your PAPYRUS program directory. Usually this directory is C:\PAP.

Next, in PAPYRUS go to the Formats option and choose liBrary. Indicate that you wish to open the RISOUT.FLB format library. Then at the next menu choose Copy from Library. When asked which format to copy, enter RIS OUT. This will teach your PAPYRUS database the RIS OUT format.

Now return to the main Reference Option screen. Use the List option to specify a Numeric list of all your references. When asked which output format to use, specify RIS OUT. Send the results to a File, in ASCII format, naming this file whatever you like.

Now you should be able to import this file into ProCite, using that program's built-in RIS importing style.

1 January 2004