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Exchanging data with Other Programs

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You need to have PAPYRUS list out your references using an output format that follows the comma-delimited or comma-separated-values (CSV) style that general-purpose databases and spreadsheets -- such as Access, Excel, and FileMaker -- know how to import.

You can start with our predefined COMMA format, which you can copy from the PAPYRUS IMPORT.FLB Format Library. However, you will probably want to make several changes to this format before using it for this job.

Unlike PAPYRUS, general-purpose databases do not allow a variety of record types, such as one for Articles, another for Chapters, etc. Therefore you will have to design, in Access/Excel/FileMaker, a single record type that provides room for whatever fields you deem important for all references.

A common approach is to name one of these fields Source. For a journal article this field will include the journal, volume, issue, and pages. For a chapter from a book this field might include the book's title, editors, publisher, and city of publication. And so on for each of PAPYRUS's other reference types.

How you set up your fields is your decision, based on your needs and plans for the database/spreadsheet you are creating.

Once you have designed your database/spreadsheet fields, you can then modify the COMMA format to include the appropriate PAPYRUS fields in the appropriate locations for each PAPYRUS reference type.

Feel free to contact our Technical Support Department to discuss any details.

1 January 2004