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Exchanging data with Other Programs

EndNote to PAPYRUS

The procedure for importing from EndNote to PAPYRUS is as follows:

(1) Have EndNote create an ASCII file of the references in its built-in Refer style.

(2) In PAPYRUS, use the Format liBrary option to copy the predefined REFER format from our IMPORT.FLB format library.

(3) Use the iMport option to read the file from step 1, using the REFER format at a Fussiness Level of "Tolerant."


Because EndNote does not enforce many rules about what sort of data goes into which EndNote field, and in precisely what format, the output from any particular EndNote database might look a little different from the output from a different EndNote database.

This means that you may need to make some small adjustments to our predefined REFER import format to get it to match the particular EndNote data you need to import.

If you run into any problems accomplishing that, our Technical Support Department may be able to help you.

1 January 2004