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Apple Obstructs AppleWorks/ClarisWorks Support in Papyrus

We had always planned that the first release of Papyrus for Macintosh would include full support for AppleWorks (formerly named ClarisWorks), as well as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and Nisus Writer. This is consistent with the requests we have received, with AppleWorks the second-most requested word processor for Papyrus to support.

Unfortunately, the AppleWorks manager at Apple has quite definitely and repeatedly refused to share with us the file format information we would need to include AppleWorks support in Papyrus. No explanation has been offered.

We are baffled by Apple's attitude, which is unique among the makers of major word processors for either Macs or PCs. By refusing to provide us this standard information, Apple forces existing AppleWorks users to switch to another word processor if they wish to get the full benefits that Papyrus can offer.

If you use AppleWorks and wish to continue using it with Papyrus, you might want to contact Apple Computer to encourage a change in this policy.

If you participate in any Macintosh-related mailing lists, please feel free to pass along this information. Perhaps someone intelligent at Apple will get the message, and change what looks like yet another self-defeating Apple "strategy."

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1 January 2004