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Reviews of PAPYRUS Version 8.0

Some PAPYRUS reviews are available online:

Ellen M. Quardokus, Papyrus 8.0.6 for Macintosh, HMS Beagle, Issue 67, 26 November 1999

Jan Herrmann, Papyrus 8 for Macintosh, European Cetacean Society Newsletter, Nr. 39.

Matt Neuburg, Best Footnote Forward: Papyrus 8.0.7, TidBITS, #514, 24 January 2000

Francesco Dell'Orso, Bibliography Formatting Software: An Evaluation Template, December 1999

Additional reviews of PAPYRUS have appeared in print:

Franklin Tessler, Papyrus 8.0, Macworld, April 2000, p. 62

Jan Herrmann, Listenartist, Mac MAGAZIN Vol. 7, July 1999, p. 32 (in German)

If you encounter a review of PAPYRUS not listed here, please let us know!

14 January 2004