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  The Papyrus(R) Bibliography System and Knowledge Manager
  • Store and cross-link your references, notes and graphic images
  • Import bibliographic references from anywhere
  • Instantly locate references by any field
  • Combine with your word processor to produce perfectly-formatted manuscripts and bibliographies
  • Link your references to the Internet

Papyrus is now FREE.
You may download the final editions of Papyrus via the following links.

Monthly Status Report Important news about our progress and plans. Includes information on latest versions and recent changes.
PAPYRUS for DOS/Windows PAPYRUS Version 7.0 is available as a DOS program, designed to also work under Windows.
PAPYRUS for Macintosh PAPYRUS Version 8.0 is available for Macintosh -- with many powerful and exciting new features.
e-mail Lists Here our customers share their questions, suggestions, and tips. If you have a problem with Papyrus, we suggest that you use these e-mail lists to consult with your Papyrus-using colleagues.
User contributions Output formats, lists of official journal names and abbreviations, and other helpful creations from some of your hard-working colleagues.

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1 January 2004